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Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

A pair of hands holding a small gift wrapped in white speckled paper and tied with twine. A pine sprig and pinecone have been tied to the twine along with a gift tag.

It's that time of year again, friends! That gifting season when we do our best to express how much we care about those near and dear to us. Hand crafted gifts are one of my favorite ways to show my love for friends and family. As we get closer to our deadlines, I thought folks might find it helpful to have a list of gifts that can be made quickly.

Projects on the lists below take between 1 - 15 hours. Most can be completed in a weekend with a few taking up to a week to finish. Additionally, many of the patterns and tutorials below are free (noted when that is not the case).

Click the links below to jump to each section of crafts! Got a project question? Feel free to leave it in the comments on this post or the pattern post.


Knit Gift Ideas

A knitted santa hat made in maroon and white yarn. The hat is long style with a pompom on the end.

Time to complete: 6 - 10 hours (varies with size)

Price: FREE

This pattern is written in size large and includes instructions to adjust the size to fit any head. You'll need yarn in two colors, 1-2 skeins of the main color (crimson in the photo) and 1 skein of the secondary color (white in the photo).

A knitted cable waves hat in maroon yarn with a big pompom sitting in the snow.

Time to complete: 4 - 5 hours for the hat, 7 - 10 hours for the scarf

Price: $5 (large size is FREE)

This pattern is free in size large and available for purchase in sizes toddler, small/child, medium, and large. Designed for one color, you'll only need 1 skein of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn to make the matching set!

A tan wool reproduction trench cap from WW1 on a wooden table.

Time to complete: 8 - 10 hours

Price: FREE

Rewritten using modern knitting terms, this pattern hails from 1917 and makes a great gift for history lovers. 1 skein of a worsted weight yarn should be enough to complete the hat.

A white woman with purple pink hair wearing a knit pink lacey headband.

Time to complete: 4 - 6 hours

Price: FREE

This is one of the quickest projects to work up, but comes out very prettily. 1 skein of fingering or sock weight yarn will be enough to complete it.

A cream cabled hot water bottle cozy sits on top of a blue hot water bottle on a wooden table.

Time to complete: 6 - 8 hours

Price: FREE with high-res option for $3

Hot water bottles are such a lovely way to keep warm in colder months - a cozy makes it safe to hold next to the skin and keeps the water warmer for longer. 1-2 skeins of bulky yarn should be enough to make a cozy.


Crocheted Gift Ideas

A large teapot covered in a cream cozy with a red and green holly accent. To the left are teacups on saucers with biscuits.

Time to complete: 1 - 2 hours

Price: FREE

The quickest project included in this post, tea cozies are a simple, useful decoration for any table. Instructions are given to fit a large teapot with notes to adjust the size for any teapot. While this cozy is Christmas themed, any decoration or colors can be used to make this a unique gift.

A red and gold 8-star blanket with a plush ox head and arms at its center.

Time to complete: 11 - 15 hours

Price: $5

Originally designed to celebrate the Year of the Ox in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, this blanket can easily be made in any colors. The ox can also be a cow if made in white - black spots can be added as appliques by making circles and ovals.

A 12-pointed star blanket made in Easter pastel colors. At the center, a plush brown rabbit has been sewn to the blanket.

Time to complete: 11 - 15 hours

Price: $5

Lisa Bunny was created with Easter in mind, but can by made using any color pallet for an individualized gift. Lisa makes an excellent companion.

A white woman with purple hair wears a green lacey crochet headband.

Time to complete: 3 - 6 hours

Price: FREE

This headband began as a companion crochet version of the above knit fishtail headband. Because the crochet fabric is a bit thicker, the final project is excellent at keeping hair back and is my absolute favorite headband. A great quick gift for anyone with hair that needs keeping out of their face.


Sewn Gift Ideas

A sewn plush rabbit doll with an embroidered face. The doll wears a dress with puffed sleeves, a lace collar, and a blue ribbon sash.

Time to complete: 8 - 20 hours, depending on sewing skill and level of detail desired

Price: $5

The sewn companion to Lisa Bunny Lovey for Easter, Maisy can be made in any color our of just about any fabric in your stash. I used an old pair of pajama pants to make her dress - Maisy is a great opportunity for fabric upcycling!

A birds-eye view of a table laid with a Christmas table runner, Advent wreath, candlesticks, and blue and silver china.

Time to complete: 3 - 6 hours

Price: FREE

While Christmas fabric was used here, table runners can be made in any fabric of your choosing. A less-than-common gift, home décor can be a good choice for a close friend who prefers useful items. A particularly good option for someone who enjoys hosting dinner parties!

A white woman wearing Renaissance clothing and a green rectangular cloak running through the woods.

Time to complete: 2 - 6 hours

Price: FREE

Got a friend who enjoys the Faire? Someone who loves to cosplay or dress up? A fun cloak in their favorite color could be the way to go!

A dress form displays a green apron with blue trim and a pocket made out of a cotton with a science pattern.

Time to complete: 3 - 6 hours

Price: FREE

Know someone who picked up baking or cooking during the pandemic? This is a great option! The tutorial includes instructions on how to custom size and shape your apron to suit the chef in question. The one shown in the tutorial photos, for example, comes up higher, goes down lower, and wraps all the way around the hips because I am a messy baker. Use any fabric to make it fun and add as many pockets or loops as desired!


A crochet blanket in progress in navy with light blue accents. The zodiac sign for Virgo has been completed in colorwork so far.

That's all for this week, friends!

My next deadline for regular posting falls on Christmas Eve so I will be skipping a week and will see you all in the new year!

Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram and Facebook for the big reveal of the Zodiac Blanket! Crochet pattern coming this winter.

A side note, I'm thinking that 2 of the 12 panels will be free but haven't decided which yet - influences welcome!

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Dec 10, 2021

I'm always happy to see you in my in box! Have a Merry Christmas, and Best Crafty Wishes for the New Year Kat!

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